Is Social Media Pushing Gambling?

Social media plays a big part in the lives of the majority of people around the world and it was only a matter of time before social media and online casino gaming would join forces to give players more access and information about online casinos, new games and technological developments in the casino industry.

Many online casinos in Canada and around the globe are always looking for new ways to attract players to use their sites and to keep their current players happy and using social media has been of invaluable help in doing this. Continue reading “Is Social Media Pushing Gambling?”

Shock AU Cricketing Defeats

One Day International games, known as ODIs, are a kind of limited-overs cricket, and the games are played between 2 teams with an international standing, in which each will face the other with a fixed number of overs, typically 50, possible.

The Cricket World Cup games are played in this format, and these games are also sometimes known as Limited Overs Internationals, or LOI, although this is a more generic term, and can also be used to refer to Twenty20 International games. They are very important matches, and are considered to be the pinnacle in terms of standards when it comes to competitions based on limited overs. Continue reading “Shock AU Cricketing Defeats”

How Betting in Australia has Grown

Australia’s great love affair with sports betting and gambling in general shows no signs of levelling off, or even slowing down. The stunning statistic that puts Australian punters at a bet-record of AU$6.5 billion in the September quarter equates to each Australian spending around AU$1 000 per year on some kind of real money wagering.

Len Ainsworth has stated that he believes that Australians will always strive to maintain a fixed portion of disposable income available for betting and gambling. But finding out exactly why this pastime is such a popular one Down Under has many people scratching their heads. Continue reading “How Betting in Australia has Grown”

History Of Tom Waterhouse

Thomas Robert Waterhouse, more commonly known as Tom Waterhouse, was born 1982. He is the current CEO of William Hill Australia. He comes from a long line of Australians involved in the horse racing and bookmaking industry, and himself stands as one of the most respected and influential current bookmakers in Australia.

Tom Waterhouse’s first grandfather, William “Bill” Waterhouse, ran a highly successful bookmaking business in the 1960s and 70s. Tommy Smith, Tom Waterhouse’s second grandfather, boasts an incredible career of having trained a staggering 279 Group One horse racing winners, including two jockeys who have won the highly prestigious Melbourne Cup. Continue reading “History Of Tom Waterhouse”

Why Click to Call Caused an Outcry

A recent controversy played out in Australia over a service offered by some online bookmakers. The service in question was click to call, and on the surface was not a very sinister service at all. It simply offered users a button on a mobile phone application, which when tapped initiated an automatic call to a bookmaker.

The result was a bet being placed in just seconds of time. How was this worthy of an outcry? Very simply because live online sport betting is illegal in Australia. Confused? Let’s have a closer look. Continue reading “Why Click to Call Caused an Outcry”