Sports Bets

Sports Bets Online

Gone are the days of placing sports bets being a major hassle. It was not so long ago that in order to place a bet on a sport, a bet maker would have had to either make a phone call to a bookie, or trek all the way down to the establishment in person. On top of that, looking for better deals meant having to manually check around at different bookies. And the deals offered would more than likely have been set by bookies working together with one another, colluding to keep the deals in their favour.

Today, of course, placing sports bets is so easy that any New Zealander with a smart phone and an internet connection can put down money in just a few seconds. It is an era of blistering fast wireless connections, and incredible convenience. Some like to say that they have a portable bookie in their pocket, and this really isn’t far off from the truth. There are dozens of licensed online bookmakers to choose from, all of which are in fierce competition with one another, which means excellent deals for the New Zealand bet maker on the street. The only real challenge is finding the best possible online bookmaker when so many options exist.

What Makes A Good Online Bookie?

So what should a New Zealand bet maker look out for when deciding on an online bookmaker? First, it is of course important to ensure that any online bookie you deal with is fully licensed. It is rare that unscrupulous or unlicensed bookies survive very long online, but they are out there, so it is important to research a website before committing your money. A logo should be displayed on the homepage of an online bookmaker, declaring it licensed. Look for this logo normally at the bottom right of the homepage.

Next, consider which sports the online bookie offers betting options on. Most online bookies tend to cover as many sports as possible, but some take a more focused approach on only the most popular sports. If you like to place a few bets on more obscure sports, make sure that the website offers them. It’s no good getting great deals at a website if it does not cover your preferred sports.

Placing Sports Bets

Placing sports bets at an online bookie is very easy. First, you will be required to make an account at a website. This can be done in just a few moments. Once the account is created and verified, you will have to transfer starting funds into the account. These funds will appear instantly. You may now place bets with that money to your hearts content.

First, select the sport you are interested in to see available matches or games. Available betting options will be displayed, with available odds. Select your preferred UFC betting odds, then simply select the amount of cash you would like to wager. The sports bets will have been placed and a digital ticket will be issued. Simply log in later to collect winnings, which may be withdrawn to your bank account.

Soccer betting

The Quick and Easy Guide to Soccer Betting

Arguably the most popular sport on the planet, soccer boasts a legion of devout fans and spectators that live for the beautiful game.  The sport is an incredible display of finesse and physical prowess on the field, making it an excellent sport to both watch and bet on.

New Zealand has seen a growing rise in the popularity of soccer over the past decade, particularly with younger generations. The All Whites, the national soccer team of New Zealand, along with a host of talented local players have helped cultivate national interest.

Soccer betting online has become an equally popular phenomenon as hordes of soccer aficionados are choosing to pick this up as their preferred pastime. If you’ve long held a deep adoration for the game and want to take things to the next level with soccer betting, there are a few things you should know before getting started to avoid making unnecessary mistakes that can cost you time and money.

Online Soccer Betting Sites

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes online betting sites that offer soccer betting action. Although it might seem a bit daunting at first, take some time to properly research and select an online betting site before placing any wagers. You should be after a site that is safe, reliable and offers you the type of betting action you’re after. Make sure that your currency is accepted and that they use trusted financial providers and secure payment methods. The last thing you want to concern yourself with when getting to grips with soccer betting is worrying about overcomplicated or sketchy withdrawal and deposit processes. Australian betting sites comparisons and reviews are a great way to find out as much as you can about the sites you’re interested in, providing you with critical information that can help you make a well-educated decision.

Stay Informed

Whether you’re placing a light-hearted wager on your favourite soccer team or pursuing soccer betting as a serious pastime, you’ll want to be in a well-informed position before placing any bet. Make sure you keep abreast with the latest news on fixtures, team performances, injuries and suspensions. Knowing these details can be the deciding factor when identifying what and how to bet on a soccer match. Club rivalry, pitch conditions, home-and-away games can all have an impact on your chosen team’s performance.

Understand the Betting Options Available

Soccer itself is an easy game to follow and soccer betting is relatively straight-forward to understand once you familiarise with the different kinds of soccer bets. Soccer is a widely played and bet-on sport and as a result, you won’t have any problem in finding the type of betting action you’re after. Spend some quality time understanding the different types of soccer bets. The most popular types of soccer bets commonly used include:

  • Money Line Betting
  • Over/Under Betting
  • Half Time/ Full Time Betting
  • Accumulator/ Parlay Betting
  • Handicap Betting

Get Into the Right Mind Set

Before you embark on your soccer betting journey, try and get yourself into a positive and realistic mind set. You’re not going to win every bet and becoming successful at it takes time and patience. Soccer betting should first and foremost be an enjoyable pastime and you should never bet more than you can afford to lose.

NZ Betting

NZ Betting

New Zealand is one of the few countries in the world where all types of gambling are heavily restricted by the national government, which maintains a monopoly on most of the betting both physically and online. Despite this, there are still plenty of ways bettors can take part in NZ betting, and knowing where and what to look for is the key to finding a betting site that offers everything a bettor needs.

Brief History of NZ Betting

New Zealand was first colonised by the Europeans in the 1600s, and once the country had grown and adopted a government, gambling was completely rejected and made illegal. This stance on gambling remained in place until the 1920s. The government would allow horse race betting on a small scale, and maintained a monopoly over the entire betting scene, allowing bettors to participate in government-sanctioned betting only. During the 1990s, gambling in the country grew in popularity, and the first physical casino was constructed in 1994, while fixed betting was made legal to a degree later on in 1996.

As of today, NZ betting is still controlled by a government monopoly, but many different casinos and online betting sites exist to allow bettors to take part in a large variety of betting events.

 Foreign NZ Betting

For many locals to New Zealand, the domestic betting scene may not offer much appeal. Fortunately, it is possible to bet online through international betting sites, which is often the only choice many bettors have due to the NZ betting restrictions within the country. Joining up with an international betting site does not carry the same penalties as local gambling within New Zealand, but this also means that the government will not offer any type of assistance should anything go wrong with the betting site.

This is why bettors are advised to choose a site that has a well-known reputation with the proper licences and security. One of the great benefits of online betting in New Zealand is that all winnings made are not taxed at all, which can be a great advantage when winning money internationally, as many other countries tax gambling winnings heavily.

NZ Betting and Sportsbooks

As gambling in New Zealand continues to grow in popularity, many online bookmakers are turning their attention to the country, and most of them happily accept New Zealand citizens. Sportsbetting sites accept most types of banking method, including deposits and withdrawals made with debit and credit cards. Some bettors may find that they will have trouble withdrawing winnings when trying to use certain cards, such as a MasterCard. This is why many recommend using an e-wallet as a type of middleman when transferring funds internationally. This also makes conversion of currencies automatic, allowing bettors to use dollars, pounds, or Euros when involved in NZ betting.

The Future of NZ Betting

NZ betting is strange mix of both legal and illegal, as the government does not allow international operators to work in the country, but citizens can still bet offshore. This makes New Zealand one of the better countries to make bets from.


NRL Betting Tips

NRL Betting Tips

Sometimes looking online for tips is going to be your best bet (pun intended). Luckily in our neck of the woods there are plenty of NRL betting tips websites that can assist and deliver meaningful value and in a localized context.

There is no shortage of tipster websites these days. A quick online search will reveal plenty of results that you can start looking at. One great thing with having so many sources available to you is that you can start to compare odds between different sources. You’ll be able to make a good call with a balanced perspective.

Try to keep an eye out for forums that have active users close to the date of the match, many of these sites are free to view and some even allow you to join and add in your own 2 cents as well.

A Quick Guide To Rugby Betting

Ok, so enough with the waffling about where to find the tips, what are we betting on exactly? Here is a quick crash course for you to start with below.

Full time result NRL betting tips are really easy to come across because there are only 3 options: 1 = home team to win, x = a draw and 2 = away team to win.

A winning margin bet is exactly what it sounds like. Punters place NRL bets by how much the winning team is going to take the lead by at full time.

Tricky to get right but fun to place a wager on. (And even more fun to win)!

Half Time Full Time

On the face of it this bet could be very direct. Select the team that will be out in front at half time, and then select the team that’ll win the match.

This is where the NRL betting tips resources that I mentioned earlier really come in handy as you will be able to see which teams take the lead early in the first half and which teams have staged some daring comebacks in the second half.

First Scoring Play

Scouring the various NRL betting tips websites and forums can sometimes help with this little wager but is still not an easy one to get right, but it is definitely fun to try. This is because the first scoring opportunities are often determined by the oblong shaped rugby ball, and its heartbreakingly random bounce.

At the root of it, all that is required by the punter to succeed is to choose which team will score first and by what method. (Try or penalty in this case)

As the season progresses and teams establish their signature opening gambits and set play pieces then these things start to get a bit easier to calculate.

Other Bets

Total points bets are a fun option to try as well. All that is needed is for you to guess which team will win and which will lose, then attribute the final score to each one. Opinions online will vary from site to site but you will always find that one of the many NRL betting tips resources will give you the confidence to place a wager.

Time of first try bets are probably the most self-explanatory of the bunch. Guessing when the ball will be put over the line will secure the win for the lucky punter.

NBA betting

NBA Betting Offers Sports Betting At Its Best

In order to be a successful punter at any given sport, it is essential to understand the basic rules of that sport.  This isn’t merely crucial for purposes of identifying players and teams likely to be on the winning side of things, but also because stepping out of line will send the results of a match or game in the opposite direction of that expected by bookmakers.  Being able to identify even small likelihoods of the bending and breaking of rules by certain players can mean the difference between winning and losing, and essentially beating even the bookmakers at their own odds.

Fouls And Penalties

Besides the fact that fouls and penalties can be turned into creative bets – they are generally the dark horses responsible for making or breaking a match in any given side’s favour.  Penalties may be levied for excessive timeouts, purposefully delaying the game, hanging onto the basket ring, unsportsmanlike behaviour, general dishonourable conduct, fighting and any movements contrary to the honourable rules of play.

Players who repeatedly step over the line as far as fouls and penalties are concerned may even be heavily fined or disqualified for a specified period of time – in the event of serious misconduct even from the NBA in general.

NBA betting is seriously compromised when players continuously act out in this way, and betting favourably on repeat offenders must be avoided – despite what any historical data dictates.

Understanding Substitutes

When just starting out, inexperienced punters may lose sight of the fact that what you see isn’t necessarily always what you get.  Regular players are substituted during the course of play for a number of reasons, usually due to injury or illness.  Game organisers have until ten minutes prior to the game commencing to announce the final team and substitutes.  A match is only as strong as its weakest substitute (not player).  NBA betting odds are particularly susceptible to substitutes influencing the odds, mainly due to the fact that a match consists of only 5 players to a side to start with.

Historical Odds – The Key To Successful NBA Betting

Gathering historical odds data is not optional when engaging in successful sports betting – it is a must, especially for punters living in New Zealand, where being a court-side spectator is a bit of a luxury.   A winning database can only be created by taking into account recent as well as historical match and player statistics.  The golden rule is that history tends to repeat itself.

Various sites making provision for a variety of search filters are available on the internet.  Historical match data is easy to access due to the coverage enjoyed by the NBA.

Understanding NBA Bet Types

Learning the lingo and understanding different bet types will enable punters to make informed decisions.  Various bet types are available to those wanting to have a go at NBA betting – totals betting, betting on half-time lines, betting on quarter/first half lines, parlay bets and futures bets, to name but a few.

Bookmakers in New Zealand continuously incorporate creative and unusual bets into their profiles.  Indulging in these will keep NBA betting fresh and exciting.

mobile betting

Mobile Betting Is Available to All New Zealanders

There is a huge selection of great quality sports books that can be used for mobile betting. Punters can bet on any international sport like rugby, soccer, cricket, tennis, gold and cycling, to mention just a few. Even Aussie rules football, snooker and darts are available for betting by punters in New Zealand.

Sports fans are not the only people in New Zealand who can make the most of mobile betting. There are all sorts of betting available, from entertainment, financial and even election betting can be done at the top class mobile sites. New Zealanders are catching on fast to the trend of betting on current events or the financial markets. A rise in the interest rate, the winner of a television game show, or the next American president, can be an opportunity for placing wagers, and what’s more, can earn you some big wins.

Choosing a Betting Site

It is always wise to make sure the mobile betting site you use is user friendly, and offers safety and security in respect of all financial transactions or personal information. Reliable banking is a priority, and of course it is also recommended that all people using mobile betting have a little knowledge of the sport or event you wish to bet on. Also you need to have some knowledge of the different bets offered before you make a choice of your mobile betting site. No longer is it necessary to sit down at a computer or lap top, as smart phones can be used anywhere and at any time, and have the capability of playing and betting on any sport or event you are interested in.

Wide Range of Betting Apps

With the enormous surge in popularity of mobile betting in New Zealand, there is a corresponding number of betting apps that provide information on every sport or racing event you will enjoy betting on. All the odds, markets, prices and the latest sporting information are just a click of the finger away. You can enjoy the convenience of gambling on the go whenever you wish, without any lengthy commutes to the sporting events you are interested in, and with the betting apps now available, you can enjoy all the action and excitement of these events in real time on your mobile device. Deposits and withdrawals can also be made by means if these betting apps as well.

Mobile betting in New Zealand offers a wide range of mobile billing methods with flawless software. There is also sympathetic customer support that can be accessed every hour of the day, and will include financial tracking, player monitoring and some evaluation tools. Many mobile betting sites also offer bonuses and promotions.

Mobile Betting Can Be Used on Any Smartphone

Mobile betting is increasing hugely all over the world, all the time.  Techno savvy New Zealanders all possess or have the use of smart phones and tablets. All the major brands of smart phones will have an application that suits you. They have all been created to take full advantage of any extra features your specific device uses, and they have been finely tunes to make sure you have the best mobile betting experience possible.

New Zealand people, with their rich history of sporting achievements, are well known for their avid interest in sports. Mobile betting is therefore a form of betting that suits them down to the ground.


English Pub Game Bat-and-Trap Betting

There are some interesting sports betting opportunities at the moment and one of these is around the old fashioned pub game of Bat-and-Trap. A rarely played and unique betting game this one is played similarly to the game of cricket and baseball, as players on each team attempt to hit a ball and score runs through it without going out. The rules of this rather strange sports game are relatively simple to learn and pick up which does make the betting side of things rather easier for those punters as yet unfamiliar with the game. Overall the stage of this unique sports betting opportunity is set.

Whilst the game of Bat-and-Trap has a rather long history, the current times has not seen it grow substantially. So punters looking to have some sports betting opportunities around it will be hard pressed to find much of this action available to bet on. This being said, there will still be options online and the punters could just find some action till around this rather niche sport. There are two notable types of this game, the original British version and the American adaptation. In order to find enough of this sort of sports betting opportunity the punters would do well to learn both and open up their options a little.

The Rules of British Bat-and-Trap

As has been mentioned above, there are two notable types of this Bat-and-Trap sports game, the British and American versions. The former and original version is played amongst two team of 8 players. The way the game works from here is that at any time on of the teams is designated batters and the other bowlers. The bowlers line up against two tall posts, standing a foot above most of the players, and have to receive the hits from the batters. The batters on the other hand have to use a contraption called the trap which tees up the ball for them, allowing them to hit it toward the posts. There are stipulations on where this hit may land and enter in order to be valid and not send the batter out.

Some American Variations to Bat-and-Trap

As is evident from the basic structure of this British version of Bat-and-Trap, the game itself is fairly intuitive for new punters to figure out. Similarly, the American version of the game is played much the same way with a few basic rules changed or added. For instance, the American version features only 4 players on either side, meaning the games themselves tend to be slightly shorter in length. Overall however the game itself shares several qualities with enough other games to make it understandable for all.

The Betting Situation of this Batting Game

There are of course a range of online betting sites opportunities linked to this unique game of Bat-and-Trap. The punters will find that these bets relate directly to the way the game itself plays out and so they will rather quickly be able to get involved. Overall the betting setup then looks a lot like similarly played games like Baseball and Cricket, which makes this form of sports betting easy to integrate into most setups.



Basse Betting and Avoiding Negative Points for Positive Results

Basse is a field sport involving mainly a ball made from straps of old bicycle tyres or rubber bands, all strung together.  The ball is specifically designed so that it does not bounce.  Basse is generally played on a mid-field circle section, and involves 5 or 6 players.  Basse is not a team sport, but an individual sport.  Each player competes against all of the other players participating in the game.

The aim of a game of Basse is an interesting one.  Each player must ensure that the rubber ball does not enter their pre-designated region on the playing field.  Players also attempt to ensure that the ball does in fact, enter another player’s region on the field.  The tricky part is that the ball is not permitted to be touched or struck by the player’s hand, but instead any other part of the body must be used.  In this regard, it closely resembles a game of soccer, especially taking into account the defence and aim components in common with a game of soccer.

Instead of making use of a number of goals scored as is the case in soccer and hockey, Basse makes use of a negative point scoring system.  Each time the ball lands in a particular player’s designated region, one negative point is awarded to that player for the particular game.  The player to earn a certain number of negative points is eliminated from the game.  This continues in like fashion until such time as there are two players left on the field.

The remaining two players now enter a sudden-death situation.  The first player to land the rubber ball in the region of the other player, is crowned the overall winner of the match.

A Bounce In The Right Direction

In sports betting, different sports have different systems for predicting the odds and placing a successful bet.  This must obviously be the case due to the differing rules of various sports.  Despite the fact that the betting systems differ, the basic jargon remains the same, and it is important to first off, understand the lingo.

Action is the bottom line.  Action is in its simplest form, betting activity.  This probably originated from street betting, when participants would express their interest in placing a bet by the use of phrases such as wanting in on the action.  These phrases were coined in the days when sports betting and gambling on an outcome was still illegal.  It was a sort of code.

Another crucial concept is a term referred to as “the line”.  The line is the odds for any particular system – depending on the specific type of system.  A bookmaker will generally be the responsible party for setting a the line.

At first, the lingo may seem intimidating, but once a few trial bets have been placed, players soon become versed in the garb of the best online sports betting system.

Basse: Types Of Bets

The types of bets generally placed on a Basse game usually includes who the ultimate victor will be, who the runner up will be, the total number of points accumulated against any given participant and even a prediction made of who the first player to be eliminated will be.


Abseiling Betting

Abseiling is a very popular adventure sport that gets the adrenaline pumping, and the rumour is that once you have tried it, there is absolutely no turning back.

The word abseiling originates from the German language and it literally means “to rope down”.

Everyone somewhere in their lives has heard about abseiling, but if you are asked to explain it, it’s often difficult to find the words. Abseiling is a specific technique used by rock climbers to slide off a cliff using protection, as it is often too attempt without the correct gear.

Abseiling is a very physical sport and requires a lot of stealth and the proper planning and climbing equipment. When practicing this sport, climbers must always use a harness which has been fixed around their waste to secure their descender. Also make sure you get a decent pair of boots for this sport, as a pair of boots with good grip might just make the difference.

Sport Betting Types

Sport betting is becoming more popular, and abseiling is one of the more recent sport types on which bets can be placed. If you love this sport and the adrenaline it brings, then it might be wise to familiarise yourself with sport betting and the different types of options before you place a bet on this sport.

The fixed odds wins option offers players the chance to bet on a specific competitor to win. This means the odds might be high on this type of betting, depending on the number of participants, but this could also turn out to be a very rewarding bet, since fixed odds wins pays out well compared to other betting types.

Multiple betting allows players to select 2 or more abseiling events, and then bet on the combined selection, which then offers a bigger payout to players.

The full cover betting option is the most comprehensive type of betting as this allows players to bet on all available options for a set number of selections. This type of betting might cost more but the odds of winning are much more favourable.

How To Start Betting

If you love abseiling and you also have a lucky strike then you might just have to try our luck on the sports betting scene. However, one might find you asking where to start?

If you start researching sports betting you will soon find that there are endless options, such as horse racing bets, and betting sites to choose from. The difficulty lies in managing to find a betting site that suites your needs.

This is where you have to seek some advice. Read up on the different betting sites and how it works. Read online reviews on these betting sites and find a suitable site that offers what you need as well as the ability to bet on abseiling.

Read up on registration and betting requirements of each website that you might be interested in, so you are not caught off guard with wanting to cash out your winnings or playing for real money.


The A-League and Online Betting

The A-League is Australasia’s professional men’s football league which is run by the FFA, or the Football Federation Australia. It consists of namely Australian teams and one New Zealand team and began in 2004.

The A-League season runs from October to May and consists of a regular season of matches that lead up to an end of season series of finals where the top placing teams play to enter the grand finale at the very end of the season.

The regular season sees each team each other three times making a total of 27 rounds to bet on. The final series is the top six teams competing for entry into the grand finale which is considered the pinnacle of domestic football in Australia.

The season is an exciting one for football bettors as there are plenty of opportunities to bet and online betting sites around the world that offer bets for the A-League provide bettors with a variety of betting markets and odds.

Where to Bet on the A-League

In order to have the safest A-League online betting experience, online bettors must always bet at only trustworthy online betting sites that have proven reputations of being reliable. There are several around the world that bettors can sign up at safely.

Trustworthy online betting sites offer new and existing bettors a variety of welcome and ongoing bonuses, often used for horse racing betting, which can be claimed but they almost always have terms and conditions which must be known before claiming as these are the requirements one must meet before getting the full value of the bonus.

The trustworthy sites that provide betting markets for the A-League also provide some of the best odds that are rated the most accurate. They are however never a guarantee so bettors should always maintain smart betting in order to have the most profitable experience.

The A-League Online Betting Markets

Football is a sport where many instances can occur throughout a match and season which is why it one of the largest when it comes to various betting markets. The A-League betting options include all the general football bets but props bets are quite common and can include anything that may or may not occur during a season.

Each online betting site has its own A-League betting markets and while many are the same with different odds, some sites have a larger range than others.

Some of the most common bets are picking match winners, grand finale winners and the teams that may qualify for the series final. Bets can be placed on which teams will score first, what the scores will be at half time, which player will be the one to score first and which teams will be the first to not qualify for the series final.

Props bets include all sorts of instances such as how many red or yellow cards will be produced in a particular match, will there be any penalties, who will be the man of the match and so on. Understanding the bets and how they pay out is key to a more successful experience and if need be, a bettor may sign up at several trustworthy online betting sites for a wider selection of markets and odds.