English Pub Game Bat-and-Trap Betting

There are some interesting sports betting opportunities at the moment and one of these is around the old fashioned pub game of Bat-and-Trap. A rarely played and unique betting game this one is played similarly to the game of cricket and baseball, as players on each team attempt to hit a ball and score runs through it without going out. The rules of this rather strange sports game are relatively simple to learn and pick up which does make the betting side of things rather easier for those punters as yet unfamiliar with the game. Overall the stage of this unique sports betting opportunity is set.

Whilst the game of Bat-and-Trap has a rather long history, the current times has not seen it grow substantially. So punters looking to have some sports betting opportunities around it will be hard pressed to find much of this action available to bet on. This being said, there will still be options online and the punters could just find some action till around this rather niche sport. There are two notable types of this game, the original British version and the American adaptation. In order to find enough of this sort of sports betting opportunity the punters would do well to learn both and open up their options a little.

The Rules of British Bat-and-Trap

As has been mentioned above, there are two notable types of this Bat-and-Trap sports game, the British and American versions. The former and original version is played amongst two team of 8 players. The way the game works from here is that at any time on of the teams is designated batters and the other bowlers. The bowlers line up against two tall posts, standing a foot above most of the players, and have to receive the hits from the batters. The batters on the other hand have to use a contraption called the trap which tees up the ball for them, allowing them to hit it toward the posts. There are stipulations on where this hit may land and enter in order to be valid and not send the batter out.

Some American Variations to Bat-and-Trap

As is evident from the basic structure of this British version of Bat-and-Trap, the game itself is fairly intuitive for new punters to figure out. Similarly, the American version of the game is played much the same way with a few basic rules changed or added. For instance, the American version features only 4 players on either side, meaning the games themselves tend to be slightly shorter in length. Overall however the game itself shares several qualities with enough other games to make it understandable for all.

The Betting Situation of this Batting Game

There are of course a range of online betting sites opportunities linked to this unique game of Bat-and-Trap. The punters will find that these bets relate directly to the way the game itself plays out and so they will rather quickly be able to get involved. Overall the betting setup then looks a lot like similarly played games like Baseball and Cricket, which makes this form of sports betting easy to integrate into most setups.