mobile casino New Zealand

Moving to the Mobile Casino New Zealand

Mobile casinos are popular all over the world, and this is no different in New Zealand. In a nutshell, mobile casinos are standard online casino providers that operate on a mobile platform, meaning that they can be accessed via an internet browser and played as generally Flash-based in-browser games, or that they can be accessed via an actual mobile casino app, which can be downloaded on to a smart phone device.

Mobile casinos have become enormously successful in recent years, largely because they take away the need for players to remain at home stuck on their desktop computers or the need to travel to an actual land-based casino. This makes them enormously accessible, and players can choose to play when they want to and where they want to.

The most common mobile casinos run on the Windows, Android, or iOS operating systems, and can be played on both tablet and smart phone devices.

While playing in-browser games can be just as fun, there are numerous benefits to playing on mobile casino New Zealand apps.

Download Once, Play Many

All mobile casino New Zealand apps require an initial download, which will be available from the respective device’s app or play store. While this initial download may take data, there is no need for further downloads once the app has been loaded. There may be some information that needs to be synced, but other than that the mobile casino New Zealand app should provide players with the possibility for instant online pokies games without any hassle of downloads, registrations, or other time-consuming requirements.

Safety and Security First

As with all online activities, the safety and security of mobile casino New Zealand apps must always come first. While simple online games may be questionable and players will need to double-check on licences and privacy concerns every time they access a new online casino, many of these hindrances and concerns can be side-stepped once a trusted mobile casino New Zealand app has been downloaded.

There are varying safety measures that are taken before an app is released to the public, though this differs for each operating system and cannot be fully relied upon. Therefore, it is up to the player to research the mobile casinos they wish to download to make sure that all the necessary licences are in place and that the app uses safe and secure software, especially in terms of entering monetary details.

Once the safety of the app has been verified, players can simply register, open up an account, and link this to either their bank account or the PayPal account, depending on which is used by the actual mobile casino New Zealand app and which one they prefer safety-wise. With an account, details should be stored safely, and players need not worry about their privacy and security of their finances each time they wish to play a casino game on the go.

Finding the Right One

There are various ways to find the best mobile casino New Zealand apps, but it is recommended that players take the time to check through what is available and read through official or user-based reviews before deciding on one.


mobile baccarat

Mobile Baccarat Guide for New Zealanders

In spite of the reputation that it has acquired for being a game of high stakes and complexity, online and mobile baccarat is actually a fairly straightforward and enjoyable game.

In the past it has been limited to appearing in land-based casinos, where it is treated as an exclusive game with prohibitive limits in terms of betting, and with New Zealand also only home to 6 brick and mortar casinos, it is fairly hard for many punters to enjoy. This is not the case with online and mobile baccarat, however, with the game now accessible to the vast majority of New Zealanders and not simply those that appear to be straight out of a James Bond film.

While there may be only one online casino operating from within the borders of the country, there is a plethora of offshore mobile casinos that offer fantastic baccarat entertainment to Kiwi punters.

Mobile Baccarat Fundamentals

When new to mobile baccarat, it is important for Kiwi punters to make themselves aware of the fundamentals of the game, from the game rules to many variations that are now available online.

Simply put, baccarat requires a player to bet on which hand they think will get a value closest or equal to 9 and the bets are essentially placed on the banker’s hand, the player’s hand or a tie between both the banker’s and the player’s hand. Cards are counted according to face value except for 10s, Jacks, Queens and Kings which are counted as 0 and Ace that is worth 1, and unlike blackjack it is not possible to bust.

In mobile baccarat, the punter’s hand is not actually the player’s hand, nor is the banker’s hand the dealer’s hand. They are rather labels merely used to differentiate between the 2 hands that are competing, which means players can bet on either to win.

Baccarat Variations

With the game being around for a long period of time, there is no doubt that mobile baccarat was on the cards, but it has also lead to more and more variations appearing in the gambling world.

The variation that is typically offered to players around the globe, and is available to New Zealand punters too, is Punto Banco which requires the casino to back all bets, while Chemin de Fer and Baccarat Banque will rotate the role of the banker.

Baccarat’s popularity has ultimately lead to the introduction progressive mobile baccarat as well as Platinum Play, where the stakes will increase over time much like online pokies NZ games.

Playing Mobile Baccarat

There is a range of rules and etiquette that is required in the baccarat that takes place in land-based casinos, however, mobile baccarat fortunately bypasses all of these rules and allows for easy, enjoyable gameplay.

This can be seen when dealing with the third card rule, as mobile baccarat automatically deals a third card if it is allowed or needed. In this way mobile baccarat is very similar to playing online or mobile pokies, where players place their bets and wait to see just how it plays out without any additional decision making from the player.

Daily Keno

Daily Keno Games in New Zealand

For many New Zealand casino enthusiasts, the best part about playing online is having access to the widest range of games in every shape and form. This includes pokies, card games, table games, instant win, scratch cards and lottery games. One of the most popular lottery games to date is Keno. This fast-paced online casino game offers up regular wins and the chance to win up to 10 000x your total bet stake. In the notes below, we are going to look at how to play daily keno games for real money in New Zealand.

To get started playing keno online, you first need to sign up with a reputable online casino. In New Zealand, there are plenty of top-rated sites to choose from. Signing up is free and it just takes a few minutes to get your account activated. If you want to play daily keno games for real money, the next step is to fund your casino account. All top-rated casino sites offer secure payments by debit card, by local bank transfer, by credit card or by web wallet payment.

Getting Started

Once you are ready to play, you can simply browse through the list of games, click on one of the daily keno games you want to play and it will automatically load and play in your web browser. The setup for Keno is quite simple. The game consists of a single electronic Keno board numbered from 1-80 with the game buttons located at the bottom of the screen. To start the game, the first thing you need to do is chose how many rounds you want to play and how much you want to bet per round.

How the Game Works

In New Zealand, most daily keno games give you the option to play 1 round, 5 rounds or 10 rounds. For new players, it is best to start by playing just a few round until you get the hang of the game. The aim of keno is to select a set of number from the 80 provided and match them up to a set of 20 numbers randomly drawn by the keno machine. Once you have selected the number of rounds you would like to play, you can choose or mark off between 1 and 15 numbers on the keno board. The machine will then draw 20 number from the 80 and you will be paid out according to how many numbers match up much in the same way as online pokies NZ games play.

Playing to Win

When it comes to Keno strategies, there isn’t much you can do really. It is important for New Zealand casino enthusiasts to realise that playing daily keno games is similar to playing pokies. There is no way to know when the next big payout will happen.  In Keno, the more numbers you match up, the higher the payouts. However, the more numbers you choose, the lower the payouts for the same number of matches. For example, if you choose 10 numbers and match all 10, you will win 1800x your total bet. However, if you choose 15 numbers and match 10, the payout drops to 150x your total bet.

Blackjack NZ

Blackjack NZ Games at Online Casinos

There is almost no real difference between playing Blackjack NZ games at an online casino or land-based places to play: there are simply more enhancements, special features, and overall convenience available for the first.

Thanks to how widely available Blackjack NZ games are at online and mobile casinos these days, players are able to enjoy them absolutely anywhere they are able to find a steady internet connection, and state-of-the-art 128-bit data-encryption technology ensures that all financial and personal information is kept safe from the prying eyes of more unscrupulous users.

The Simple Rules in Place

Blackjack NZ has very simple rules, which makes it a breeze for players to learn, no matter what their actual level of experience with the game may be. What keeps it interesting for players that have spent more time enjoying it, whether online or off, is that there is a range of strategies available, all of which are able to make various benefits available to those who apply them.

Blackjack NZ is one of the very few real money casino games available to players from this country that does not rely solely on luck, either, and players are able to boost their bankrolls when their skill and confidence improves.

Very Easy Variations Available

The Blackjack NZ games available at the variety of online casinos available provide for many interesting variations, and the twists and turns which these versions of the game deliver keep it interesting. Thanks to the fact that the game premise is always the same, however, with the aim being to reach a total of 21, these variations are never very complicated departures from the original version.

The addition of various side bets are what characterise Blackjack NZ variations, and where and when it is best to place these make for an enjoyable departure from standard play for those who feel the desire to deepen their knowledge and skill of this classic casino game while enjoying the latest online pokies NZ games.

Free and Real Money Play

Players learning how to play the game of Blackjack at New Zealand’s top online casinos will quickly be able to find their feet, and although the basics can be understood relatively quickly, players will find that the more they play, the higher their returns will be.

Free play is offered by most online casinos, and this method of learning the game is unbeatable in terms of its ability to ready players for the real money fun. Once the player has been able to grasp the basic tenets that govern the game, he or she will find the process of switching over to a real money version very simple to do, and the rewards will be delivered into their online casino accounts safely and securely.

Another method by which New Zealand players can enjoy free Blackjack play is the use of the very generous Welcome Bonuses that are a standard offering at online casinos these days. In return for opening an online casino account with the place to play making the particular offer, the player will be able to enjoy free play by means of the money credited their accounts, and, once the terms and conditions of the Welcome Bonus offer have been met, the rewards for successful play will be theirs to keep.

Baccarat online for money

The Origins Of Baccarat

The exact origins of the game of Baccarat will probably remain in dispute, but the game most probably originated from the Chinese game of Pai Gow.  Pai Gow may be played with wooden tiles, and not cards, but the similarities are uncanny, especially with 9 being the magic number in both games.  It must also be mentioned that before the invention of the printing press, playing cards were in fact fashioned out of wood.

Baccarat is played with either six or eight decks of cards.  The face cards and the 10 cards have no value.  Cards with a value of less than 10 are scored at actual value, and the Ace card is worth 1 point.  Only single digits are utilised – meaning that a total value of 15 would actually be considered 5.  Players are dealt two cards to start worth, and have three betting options:  Punto (player), Banco (bank) or Standoff.  The object of Baccarat is to bet on the hand that you think will have the highest value.  Standoff constitutes a tie, and is a very risky bet.

Online Baccarat is played by similar rules.  Cards are dealt automatically by a virtual dealer.  Baccarat is one of the most popular table games, and the rules are very easy to master.  Playing Baccarat online for money is an activity enjoyed by many.

Playing Baccarat Online For Money

Online Baccarat follows the same rules and general principles as the land-based casino version of the game.  The winner is the hand holding the value closest to nine.  Various betting systems have been developed, and is followed successfully by players at land-based casinos as well as players playing Baccarat online for money.

Baccarat Betting Strategies And Systems

Baccarat lends itself to three main categories: Flat Betting, Negative Progression and Positive Progression.  Each of the three involves a positive as well as a negative side.  Flat betting greatly increases a player’s chances of retaining the initial money set aside for the round, but reduces the likelihood of winning big.  With flat betting, the amount of the bet never varies.  Bet amounts are also not very large.

When betting in a positive progression style, bets are doubled after each win, and reduced after each loss.  Positive progression betting offers almost as big a chance as flat betting.

Negative progression involves bets being doubled after each loss, and reduced to a single unit bet after each win.  Negative progression is interestingly enough, a highly popular betting strategy.

Other betting strategies often employed by those who play Baccarat online for money, include The Parlay, Oscar’s Grind, Patrick’s System and The Fibonacci System.

Sound Bankroll Discipline

Managing your bankroll is as important when playing Baccarat online for money, as when playing at a land-based casino.  There is no difference as far as the necessary discipline is concerned.  Despite the fact that online casinos are able to offer better returns to players than typical brick and mortar casinos, players must keep in mind that solid financial management is the first step to being a winner.

Casino Games Online

Playing Casino Games Online Popular in Canada

Casino games have played an important part in the social and economic structure of different nations and societies throughout history. There is even evidence of a building in Venice in the seventeenth century that was used for gambling games during all carnivals and festivities.

There have been changes in the variety of games played, and there have been major improvements in technology and casino industry itself. With the introduction of the computer and the internet, the changes to the gaming industry have been huge. Everyone in Canada now has the chance of playing one of the wide selection of casino games online whenever they want to, by logging on to their computers, or even opening their smart phones or tablets.

Certain Casino Games Require Some Skill

Some casino games online require a certain level of skill, like blackjack and the different variants of poker. Some casino games online are games that rely on pure luck, like roulette or the hundreds of stunning slots games that are available these days. Slots games are definitely the most popular of all casino games online, and there are so many to choose from that you will definitely find one that you enjoy. The story lines or themes of the modern slots games are often taken from well known films and books, or comics, or the activity of various figures from history and legend, or even from some loved old fairy tales. There are high quality graphics, intricate designed symbols and icons, background sounds that complement the story, and even animations and interactive games. These games are easy to play, as they depend on luck alone, without the player needing to learn any rules or master any strategies.

Some Profitable Jackpots

Slots games also provide the biggest jackpots to be won at the online casino. Some of the latest slots games also offer a progressive jackpot. This jackpot increases its monetary value the longer you play, and the more bets you place. Some of these progressive jackpots can reach over a million dollars.

When any player in Canada has decided on the online casino that offers the types of games he wants to play, it is then advisable to make sure the casino provides quick and safe banking methods and has a secure program for any financial transactions and personal details. You want to be sure that the casino you choose also offers some generous bonuses, both for beginning players and for regular visitors to the site. Bonuses should also include the possibility of playing some games for free for a while, until you feel confident in wagering real money. There should also be provision for all queries and requests by players to be met speedily and easily.

Sports Bets Also Available

Your gaming experience at the online casino of your choice should offer the fun of playing the casino games online that you want. Some Canadian online sites also provide the chance of placing bets on various sports. Big sporting events, like the FIFA World Cup, or Wimbledon, attract television audiences of millions. The fun of watching the television coverage of a global event like that is increased if you have a financial interest in the outcome.

With the ongoing development of the latest software, the range of the casino games online that are offered is constantly evolving. Once you have decided on a top online casino, you can relax and enjoy all the entertainment that the casino games online will provide.

canadian online casino

Finding the Best Canadian Online Casino

Players may have some trouble when searching for the best Canadian online casino, as they will most likely discover that there is no authorized online casino available on Canadian soil. However, we are here to assure our players in Canada that there are plenty of offshore online casinos to choose from that cater to the every need and whim of their customers.

Even though there isn’t an authorized Canadian online casino, players in the country don’t have to worry about missing out on any casino action, and will be able to find a large variety of online casinos that accept C$ and even let players enjoy themselves in their own currency.

Seek and Players Shall Find

When players do a simple search for Canadian online casino, they will find a host options to choose from, but would be wise to remember that not all sites are created equal.

When looking for the most suitable Canadian online casino, players should take a good look around top rated casinos and decide if they are comfortable with everything they see. Look out for sign up bonuses which will match the initial deposit up to a certain limit, and make sure there are no restrictions or time limits on withdrawals. There is no point in enjoying your favourite online slots game, winning big and then not being able to get access to your winnings.

Make sure the casino or casinos you choose offer a good range of deposit and withdrawal options, and that there is more than one way to get in touch with customer service should you require any assistance. The best Canadian online casino will have a 24/7 live on-site chat option, or at the very least a 24/7 telephone line.

Red Flags and Avoiding Troublesome Sites

We stake our reputation on making sure to recommend the best of Canadian online casino, and as such are here to educate customers about keeping themselves secure online. Not all sites are created equal, and in this day and age of the highly competitive online casino industry, there are plenty of charlatans and snake oil salesmen amongst the good ones.

If a site wants you to sign up and dole out your credit card information before you can take a thorough look at the site, these are best avoided.  There is also no point in signing up for a site if you aren’t sure that they offer what you’re looking for, so make sure of this before creating an account.

Be wary of sites that offer awe-inspiring sign up bonuses for a very small or no deposit at all. Everything has a price tag, and the best Canadian online casino will simply match the initial deposit up to a specified limit.

Make sure the site is upfront about any fees and turn-around times for every withdraw option available when using the site, as players should have quick access to any winnings made.

Canadian Online Casino for Everyone

When searching for a Canadian online casino, before selecting the most suitable option, make sure that there are a wide range of games available from slots to popular casino table games. There is no point in signing up to a site, receiving the sign up bonus and then perusing the games only to realize that there is nothing that takes your fancy.

If its slot games that you’re after, make sure there are a variety of games in popular themes such as adventure, Norse mythology and ancient cultures as these are generally the top rated games.

Casino Slots Real Money

What the Best Casino Slots Real Money Sites Have to Offer

In the Philippines, online casinos offer players the chance to access and play the widest range of slot games from around the world. While most online casinos offer free casino games, playing and winning real money is what online gambling is all about. If you have always wanted to try your hand at online gambling, now is the time to get started. In the notes below, we are going to take a look at what the best casino slots real money websites have to offer.

Slots and More

In order to play slots and casino games for real money online, the first step is to sign up with a reputable Philippine online casino. Before signing up with just any casino, there are a few things to consider. One of the first things look at is the game selection. All top rated casino slots real money sites offer a wide range of casino slots and game. In slots alone, the best sites offer classic 3-reel slots, Vegas-style slots, progressive slots as well as the latest video slot games. To add to this, players should be able to access hundreds of card games, table games, electronic games and arcade-style games.

Banking Options

If you are going to play online for real money, you are going to need to make a casino deposit at some point. The best casino slots real money websites in the Philippines offer players good selection of deposit and cashout option. Players should be able to fund or top up their online casino account by local bank transfer, by debit card, by credit card or by using any one of the web-wallet payment facilities found online.


One of the most important aspects of gambling online is security. When you play online, you need to know that your account and personal details are always secure. The best casino slots real money websites in the Philippines run state of the art 128-Bit SSL digital encryption technology to ensure that each and every transaction is 100% secure. When players make a deposit and insert their personal details, it is imperative that all their details remain secure at all times.

Casino Bonuses

For many players, the biggest benefit of playing for real money is being able to take advantage of the casino bonuses on offer. Casino bonuses can make a big difference to your overall online experience. the best casino slots real money websites in the Philippines offer a full range of casino bonuses and promotions. For new players, the site should offer a welcome bonus or welcome package. Welcome bonuses are usually a cash match bonus of up to 100%. This means that the casino will match the amount the player first deposits. For regular depositors, the casino should offer reload bonuses that reward you every time you make another deposit into your online account. To add to this, the casino should be running daily, weekly and monthly promotions where players can win free spins on the latest slot games, instant cash prizes and free entry into exclusive online tournaments.

casino sign up bonus no deposit

Casino Sign-Up Bonus, No-Deposit Wins

The online casino sign-up bonus, no-deposit packages offered by many internet gambling sites  is just one of the reasons players in the Philippines find gaming online or at mobile casino sites so exciting. This is a feature land-based casinos do not offer, so it adds an extra perk to online play. Producing better, more enticing sign-up bonuses is also one of the ways online operations compete with each other in a boldly contested market.

Basically, a casino sign-up bonus, no-deposit offer does exactly what it says on the box. When a player registers at a new online site for the first time, the casino rewards them with a certain amount of free play. These can be in the form of free spins on slots or roulette, or an amount of free cash added to the player’s account, with which they can bet on a variety of games.

Deposit-Matching Bonuses are Slightly Different

The deposit-matching bonus is another feature offered by many casinos online, but it has one significant difference to the casino sign-up bonus, no-deposit offer. Again, this difference is explained in the name itself: a deposit-matching bonus requires the player to make an initial deposit in their playing account. The casino then gives them an amount that matches a percentage of their deposit to play with; rewards of up to 100 percent are common, and some establishments will even match a player’s deposit by 200 or even 300 percent.

It isn’t quite as attractive as the casino sign-up bonus, no-deposit strategy, but since those will often come with terms and conditions that require a player to make some sort of deposit before they are allowed to withdraw any winnings, what a Philippine player loses on the swings, they gain on the roundabout. In other words, both types of casino bonus rewards lower the player’s personal risk, while giving them extended chances to win.

A Massive Selection of Games to Play

There are dozens of Philippine-friendly casinos online, and most of them try to make all the games available in their land-based casinos equally available to online and mobile players. So whether they prefer slots, classic casino games like roulette, card and other table games, or even bingo, craps or keno, players from the Philippines can find them quickly and conveniently. If they look out for casino sign-up bonus, no-deposit rewards, they even get to play their favourite games for free initially.

Other Incentives to Online Gambling

The chance to win big, and the rewards of the casino sign-up bonus, no-deposit offers, are just two of the incentives that attract so many players in the Philippines to online casinos. The republic’s terrain is also a factor: with more than 7,600 islands scattered over a huge area, not all Filipinos find it convenient to travel to Manila to enjoy a few gaming thrills, and that’s where all of the Philippines’ land-based casinos are located.

Add to this convenience the fact that casino sign-up bonus, no-deposit packages mean that a player can always try out a new casino for free, if they have used up all the bonuses on offer with casinos they are already registered at, and the attraction is even easier to understand. When an old site palls, there will always be a new and exciting one to discover.

Casino Registration Bonus

All About an Online Casino Registration Bonus

If you are familiar with online casinos, you will know that almost every internet casino in the Philippines offers some form of real money casino bonus. What most people don’t realise is that in addition to real money bonuses, all top-rated casinos also offer no deposit casino registration bonuses. These are a type of no deposit bonus that are offered to players just for signing up. In the notes below, we are going to look at why casinos offer sign up bonuses and how to go about claiming your bonus.

When it comes to playing for real money, it is easy to see why casino offer bonuses and online promotions. But why do casinos offer a sign up or online registration bonus? For many players, making the transition to playing for real money can be scary. In order to make the transition easier, online casinos developed sign up bonuses to give players a taste of what it is like to play and win real money online without the risk involved. In the Philippines, all top-rated online casinos offer sign up bonuses that kick in as soon as players activates their account.

How to Qualify for a Registration Bonus

In order to qualify for an online casino registration bonus, players simply have to create a free online casino account. As soon as the player has activated their account, the online casino will reward them with their sign up bonus. Most sign up bonuses in the Philippines come in two forms. They can either be a cash bonus or a free spins bonus. In the case of a cash bonus, the online casino will deposit a small cash sum into the player’s online casino account upon registration.

Free Spins or Cash Bonus

With the cash, players can access and play any slot, table or casino game at the casino for real money straight away. This gives players the opportunity to win real money without having to make a deposit themselves. The second type of online casino registration bonus that many casino’s offer is the free spins bonus. In the Philippines, the free spins bonus is quite common and can be used to play online slot games. To qualify for a free spins bonus, players must create and activate a free online casino account.

Winning Real Money

As soon as the account is activated, the online casino will reward the player with a certain number of free spins to use at the casino. Depending on the casino itself, the free spins can be used on selected slot games or any slot at the casino. Once a player has used up all their free spins or online casino registration bonus, they can revert back to playing for free. If players enjoyed their real money experience, they can make a deposit into their account and continue playing for real money.

If players do manage to win a bit of cash with their free spins or cash bonus, cashing out can be a bit tricky. All no deposit sign up bonuses have very strict wager rules and deposit requirements that need to be met before a player can actually withdraw their winnings. In most cases the player need to make a real money deposit and play a few games before they can cash out.